Hate renewed: Yankees take on Red Sox in spring training

Boston Red Sox


I hate the Red Sox.  I hate the team, the city, the stadium, and the owners.  I really hate Kevin Youkilis, Josh Beckett, and Dustin Pedroia.  I still hate players that used to play for the Red Sox:  Curt Schilling, Kevin Millar (is it me or does it look like he is orange now?), Bill Mueller, J.D. Drew, Jason Varitek.  I always found it hard to hate David Ortiz, but I have to try.  He is the enemy.  And the Red Sox fans?  Hate.  Especially the post 2004 fans that have no clue what the real Red Sox fans went through and are impossible to have intelligent conversations about baseball with, because baseball didn’t exist for them before the idiots took over their world in 2004.  At least the pre-2004 fans are mostly intelligent baseball fans.  Still hate ’em though.  All that hate and now you throw Bobby Valentine into the mix?  Oh boy.

As far as I can remember the first I ever really noticed Valentine was in 1999 when he returned to the dugout wearing a fake mustache after being tossed in the 12th inning of a game against the Blue Jays.  A major league manager.  A fake mustache.  Really?  Shouldn’t the manager be a role model of professionalism and integrity and leave the in-game pranks to the bullpen guys?  Not Bobby V.  My next memory of him is from the 2000 Yankees-Mets World Series where his mismanagement of game two (and the rest of the series for that matter) convinced me he was an idiot.  What a perfect man to lead the Red Sox, I suppose.

From the moment Valentine took over the Sox he felt it necessary to throw some gas on a fiery rivalry that needed no further fuel by stating, “I hate the Yankees” at this years winter meetings.  And then only a few days into spring training he decides to take shots at Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, for no other reason it seems than to make himself giggle on the inside.  I cant wait to hear what he has to say tonight when the teams actually play each other, and better yet on April 20th when the games actually count.

I suppose I am happy about Valentine being the Red Sox manager, for a couple of reasons:  he really hasn’t proven he can win at the major league level, posting a record that is barely over .500 at 1117-1072, and I no longer have to hear his whiny drivel on Sunday Night baseball broadcasts.

First pitch tonight is at 5:05 ET.  The game will broadcast on the MLB Network and Yes Network, and on WCBS radio.

I will post lineups as soon as they are available.

Morning Coffee & Links

Valentine’s Day comes vs. Yankees.

David Robertson should be ready by opening day.

Joe Girardi understands the demands.

Girardi is no Bobby Valentine.

Some good and bad from Hiroki Kuroda’s start.

Joba Chamberlain trying to recapture magic.

Here’s to a great day of baseball!

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