Was Michael Pineda Damaged goods?

The Yankees newly acquired pitcher Michael Pineda complained of soreness in his pitching shoulder last night  after giving up six runs in 2 2/3 innings pitched.  The righty struggled with velocity once again, and added location problems to his troubles as well, allowing seven hits and walking three.

So far the words coming out of Yankees camp aren’t good.  Brian Cashman stated, “Anytime a pitcher talks about his shoulder, I have concern, his velocity is down, so you put those two together, it definitely causes concern.”  Cashman later said Friday was “A real bad day for us.”

Pineda is scheduled to have an MRI today, but regardless of the outcome, his chances of being in the Yankees opening day rotation after suffering an injury this late in camp are not good.

So were the Yankees sold damaged goods by the Mariners in the trade for Jesus Montero?  After starting off last season with an 8-6 record and a 3.03 ERA, Pineda struggled to win only one more game, and his ERA dropped to 3.74 as he battled with velocity issues.

Did the Mariners see troubles on the horizon?  Why else would they trade their up and coming star prospect for a player they had already refused to trade an aging Cliff Lee for?  Granted the Yankees performed a full physical on Pineda before the trade was official, but if Seattle’s scouts saw the velocity drop, and knew it wasn’t a mechanics issue, they may have used the warning signs to dump him for whatever value they could.

It is possible that it’s just a freak injury, and we do not even know the seriousness of it yet.  Or maybe it is just a mechanics issue that has caused the velocity drop.  Whatever the reason, if I am Brian Cashman I would be wondering if the Mariners pulled one over on me.

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The Yankees will take on Houston today at 1:05 ET.  Phil Hughes gets the start.

Here’s to a great day of baseball!



  1. The Man

    Typical Yankees fan trying to pin this on the Mariners. The Cliff Lee trade blew up because the Yankees said David Adams had a sprained ankle, when it was broken.
    Blame your own team doctors. The Yankees’ doctors said that Pineda was healthy.

    Jesus, you Yankee fans are delusional.

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