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Yankees move on to Texas to face Rangers

After a two-game stomping from the Yankees that has Red Sox fans questioning everything that is wrong with their franchise, the two teams were rained out last night.  It is unfortunate as I was looking forward to a sweep, as well as listening to Terry Francona call a game while chanting his name and booing his successor.  I guess the fun will have to resume in July when the two teams meet again.

So it is on to the Lone Star State where the Yanks will be facing the hottest team in baseball, the Texas Rangers.  From listening to the “experts” the Rangers are the best thing to happen to baseball since catchers got smart enough to wear protective gear.  They can pitch, hit run, field, cook, clean, fold your shirts, tune up your car, and if needed their owner can put you in a headlock and punch you in the face.

However, the Yanks aren’t playing too shabby themselves.  As long as Ivan Nova starts every game of the series and Freddy Garcia just waits for the team at an airport bar in DFW, New York should be able to make a series of it.  With the exception of Robinson Cano, the whole team seems to have found their groove at the plate, and who isn’t expecting Cano to break out of his slump at any time?

First pitch tonight is at 7:05 ET.  C.C. Sabathia will toe the rubber for the Bombers while Derek Holland and his mustache will take the mound for the Rangers.

Should be a fun series.



Highlanders spoil Fenway-fest

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

As a fan of baseball and its history, the ceremonies yesterday celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park were a sight to behold.  There was the Boston Pops being conducted my John Williams, the first pitch being thrown from the front row, 200 former Red Sox players, both legends and nobodies, parading onto the field in their era’s jerseys, a flyover, and throwback uniforms being worn by both teams.  The only strange part was the  pre-game toast by Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez (what does Karim Garcia have to do with this?).  It was a grand celebration befitting of a grand ballpark.

But once the game began, the celebration was over.  My respects had been paid, and it was time for the Yankees to ruin the party.

And they did just that.

The Yankees, wearing their 1912 Highlander uniforms, proceeded to tee off on Boston pitcher Clay Buchholtz.  Swisher started the home run derby with a solo shot in the 2nd inning.  Two batters later Eric Chavez planted a pitch over the wall in right center, and followed that up with a long blast to dead center.  In the 5th inning Alex Rodriguez hit his second HR of the year, and in the 6th inning, Russell Martin ended a 0-16 slump by depositing Buchholz’s pitch over the famous green monster.  All in all the Highlanders tagged Buchholz for six runs off nine hits, walking twice while only striking out twice.  Of Buchholz’s 103 pitches only three were swings and misses.  It was as if the Yankees knew exactly what was coming every at bat.

As a fan of baseball, I enjoyed the pre-game  ceremonies.  As a Yankees Highlanders fan, I enjoyed the in-game batting practice and the 6-2 win.

What a great way to begin Fenway’s second 100 years.

Yankees to wear throwback Highlanders uniforms on Friday

To help the Red Sox celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park (not sure why we are helping them with anything), the Yankees will be wearing their road Uniforms from 1912.  The team was still officially the Highlanders in 1912, although the nickname Yankees had begun to be used by the press and fans, and would become official the following year.  The new/old threads will be gray jerseys with the inter-locking NY on the left chest, gray pants and blue stirrups with red stripes.  The cap will also be gray with a blue bill and the NY on the front. If the NY looks a little different it is because it is the original look, which was designed by Tiffany & Co to be on the NYPD Medal of Honor issued to the first NYC police officer shot in the line of duty.  The Yankees adopted the insignia as their logo in 1909, and it evolved into its current look around 1936, when the Yankees started wearing the uniforms they wear today.

Here is a drawing of the 1912 Highlanders Uniforms from Dressed To The Nines:

And here is a picture posted by Andrew Marchand from ESPN New York:

Finally, here is a video from last nights YES Network broadcast in which Michael Kay shows off the new duds.

This is the first time in their history the Yankees have worn an alternate or throwback uniform.  No word yet if the uniforms will be available for purchase, however there has been a similar cap available at the MLB shop for some time.

I like the look and although I enjoy and appreciate the Yankees tradition, I am excited to see the throwbacks.  Prior to their current uniforms being adopted in 1936, they had some pretty cool uniform combinations that would look good as throwbacks.  Hopefully we will see some more in the future.

UPDATE: The game hat and jersey for the Friday game against the Red Sox is now available at the MLB Shop.


Morning Coffee and Links

News and notes from around the Yankee Universe

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The Yankees will take on Detroit today at 1:05 ET.  Freddy Garcia will take the mound.

Here’s to a great day of baseball!





There’s no tie-ing in baseball!

Joe Girardi, manager of the New York Yankees.

Joe Girardi, manager of the New York Yankees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have not heard, the Red Sox/Yankees game last night ended in a 4-4 tie after New York blew a 4-0 lead and Bobby Valentine called for a suicide squeeze (in a spring training game Bobby, really?) to tie it in the ninth.  After the end of the inning Joe Girardi summoned umpire Tim Tschida over to let him know they had to call the game as the Yankees did not have enough pitchers to continue.   Despite having six minor league pitchers in the bullpen, Girardi felt he could not continue, as the Yankees play two split squad games today and the Yanks would need the arms.  So it wasn’t really a matter of being out of arms last night as much as it was having enough for today.

And now Bobby V. is mad.  In more than one sense of the word.  Mad that Joe Girardi claimed to run out of pitchers and make him warm one of his up, and crazy-mad, to the point he has to find another reason to draw attention upon himself again.  Is this really going to go on all season?  Is Valentine going to make excuses, lay blame, and complain about the Yankees every time the two teams face each other?

Valentine’s excuse for attacking the Yankees this time is that they cost a minor league pitcher the chance to make the Red Sox team.  The pitcher in question, Clayton Mortensen, was warming up to pitch the 10th inning, and evidently Valentine was crushed he had to tell the poor kid Girardi just ruined his chances of making the big league club.

Okay Bobby.  We are talking about a kid who since 2007 has played in a total of 24 big league games and 106 minor league games and is with his fifth club.  He is not going to make the team out of spring training.  He is nothing but organizational depth and a mid-season call up.  But whatever.

Why couldn’t Bobby V. just say what every baseball fan in America was saying last night?  There should NEVER be a tie in baseball.  Even in spring training.  Remember the All Star game fiasco?  Okay maybe if the game is heading into the 15th inning in spring training, but why not let these kids learn the pressure of an extra inning game, especially in this rivalry?

Bobby Valentine could have maintained his integrity, if he even has any, by limiting his post game remarks to stating there should never be a tie in baseball.  No excuse making, no laying blame, and no need to speak up about the Yankees just because this is one of the greatest rivalry in sports.  All he had to say was, “there is no tie-ing in baseball.”

Yankees vs. Red Sox II; Morning Coffee and Links

The Yankees and Red Sox will face off again tonight in another spring training battle, this time in the Red Sox new home ball park Jet Blue Park (hehehehe!)  The last match-up was a complete pitchers duel, with the winning run scoring on a double error in the ninth.  Hopefully tonight will provide some more fireworks from the Yankees bats and the Red Sox dugout.

First pitch is at 7:05 ET.  The game will be televised on ESPN.

Oh and by the way I still hate Bobby Valentine.

Morning Coffee and Links

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Here’s to a great day of baseball!






Yanks fall to Sox, face Blue Jays today

Despite a very strong four innings from Ivan Nova, the Yankees fell to the Red Sox last night in Tampa 1-0, with the lone run scored on a double error in the ninth inning.  Nova gave up two hits, walked none and struck out three, giving the Yankees a good idea what they can expect from him when he is at his best.

New York takes on Toronto today in Dunedin at 1:05 ET.  Here is the lineup:

1. Jeter SS, 2. Granderson CF, 3. Cano 2B, 4. A-Rod DH, 5. Teixeira 1B, 6. Ibanez LF, 7. Swisher RF, 8. Chavez 3B, 9. Cervelli C, Garcia P

Morning Coffee & Links

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Yankees Triple-A team to play without stadium.

Here’s to a great day of baseball!