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What will the Yankees pitching staff look like in August?

Ivan Nova

Coming into the season, every article written about the Yankees and every talking head on TV mentioned the Yankees rotation as a strength.  The Yankees were deep:  C.C. Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda were the top two, with Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, Phil Hughes, and Freddy Garcia all battling for the final three rotation spots.  And then of course Andy Pettitte un-retires and suddenly there will be two odd men out.

And then the season started.

C.C has had his usual early season struggles, but seems to be on the right track now.  Ivan Nova has been great and gutsy, showing future ace potential.  Kuroda has done his best A.J. Burnett impression (minus the pie throwing) by looking great one game and pitching batting practice the next.  Despite a strong spring, Phil Hughes looks like the same Phil we had last season, and Freddy Garcia cant seem to pitch more than two innings before he is completely sweat soaked and panicked.  And Michael Pineda?  Well, he is still young but don’t be surprised to see his name on a MLB network worst trades of all time show at some point.

Of course Andy Pettitte is still on his way, and unless he proves otherwise I expect to see the same Andy Pettitte we saw before his retirement.  And the Yankees certainly need it.

So what will the Rotation look like in August?  C.C., Kuroda, and Nova, barring injury, will certainly still be there.  Andy Pettitte should be there too.  Freddy Garcia has already been relegated to the bullpen.

Phil Hughes is the wild card here.  Scouts have said he has the stuff to start, but he has to use his curve-ball more and his fast ball less.  But what if David Phelps dominates tonight?  And his next start?  Does he stay in the rotation when Pettitte makes it back?

Here is what I think:  As long as Andy Pettitte is strong, Freddy Garcia will be traded/released, Phil Hughes will head to the ‘pen, and this will be your five man rotation come August:

C.C. Sabathia

Hiroki Kuroda

Ivan Nova

Andy Pettitte

David Phelps.

And lets just hope the Yanks bullpen can keep carrying the pitching staff while this all gets figured out.


News and Notes from around the Yankee Universe

The Yankees (1-3) defeated the Orioles ( 3-1) 6-2 yesterday.  Game two of the three game set will be tonight at 7:05 ET.  Freddy Garcia will pitch for the Yankees while Wei-Yin Chen will take the mound for Baltimore.

Morning Coffee & Links

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Russell Martin  gets in heated exchange over sign stealing

Could Jeter hit .400?

In non-Yankees news, Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended five games for his remarks about Fidel Castro.

Here’s to a great day of baseball!



News and notes from around the Yankee Universe

The Yankees go against the Orioles today at 7:00 ET in Tampa.  D.J. Mitchell will take the mound for New York.  Yesterday the Yankees played Atlanta to a 5-5 tie, with Eric Chavez leading the way going 3-4 with three RBI.

Coffee & Links

3-4-5 starters  need to add up for the Yanks

Swisher out to make amends for fall failures

Kei Igawa didn’t want to go

Jack Cust signs a minor league deal with Yanks

How wrong can Joe Girardi be?

N.Y. Post reporting Freddy Garcia will be the fifth starter

Then there’s this:


And this:


So I guess what we can assume is someone will be in the Yankees rotation, right?

Here’s to a great day of baseball!



News and notes from around the Yankee Universe

Morning Coffee and Links

Freddy Garcia tames the Tigers

Yankees have done a poor job landing lefties

Q&A with Dellin Betances

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Joba’s outlook a little brighter

Yankees fallen star

The Yankees will face the Tigers again today in Tampa.  First pitch is at 1:05 ET.  The Yankees will be using all of their regulars today with the exception of Nick Swisher who is still sidelined with a groin injury.  Michael Pineda will get the start.  Here is the lineup:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Russell Martin C
Andruw Jones DH
Eduardo Nunez RF
Brett Gardner LF

Michael Pineda P

Here’s to a great day of baseball!





Why Freddy Garcia’s job is safe; Morning Coffee & Links

Freddy Garcia

Freddy Garcia’s job is safe.  At least if you ask me.  Granted I am nowhere near important enough to make these kinds of decisions – I am not even trusted picking out a five yer old girls clothes in my own house – but if I were, I would tell Freddy he has no worries.  With Andy Pettitte making a comeback, it seems everyone is saying Freddy Garcia should be worried.  You can read about it here, here, here, and here.  It even appears Garcia himself might be worried.  But here is why I think he need not worry:  experience.  With  Pettitte, Garcia, and the addition of Hiroki Kuroda the Yankees have a considerable amount of pitching experience and depth.  I could be wrong but my guess is Pettitte only pitches this year (and goes out on top with a World Series ring).  Garcia is probably on his last legs as well, and Kuroda may be a one year signing for the Bombers.  New York can use all three of those experienced arms to help transition to the new era of Yankees pitching – Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, Manny Banuelos, and Dellin Betances.  Hughes, Pineda, and Nova all have minor league options left, and of course Betances and Banuelos still need time at Triple-A.  Having experience on the roster will help the Yankees develop their young pitchers and save their arms as well.  As much as it might hurt their feelings, giving Nova and Pineda some extra time off, and maybe even some time in Triple-A will benefit the Yankees in he long run.  Who’s to say the Yankees don’t alternate starters every time through the rotation?  Obviously you are not going to take the ball out of C.C. Sabathia’s hand, but and it would effect how many bullpen arms you keep, but why not?  My guess is Freddy Garcia starts the year in the rotation and it will be his spot to lose, even when Pettitte comes back.

Morning Coffee & Links

As always, Bobby Valentine weighs in on the Pettitte news.

A Q&A with Ivan Nova.

Mariano Rivera will only retire once.

Ivan Nova still smiling.

The Yankees will take on Baltimore tonight at 7:05 ET.  Ivan Nova will start for the Yankees.

Morning Coffee & links

Not much writing today, trying to get my eighth bracket done and printed before the Madness starts!  Here are some news and notes form around the Yankees Universe!

Lineup vs. the Nationals today

Garcia hurt against Blue Jays.

Are the Blue Jays a threat to the Yankees in the A.L. East?

Ibanez struggling so far this spring.

And in case you are wondering what a 64 seed tourney of the greatest Yankees players would look like I created a bracket here!

Here’s to a great day of basketball baseball!



Freddy Garcia states his case for fifth spot; Morning Coffee & Links

Freddy Garcia showed Joe Girardi and the Yankees why he deserves the fifth starter spot yesterday, as he pitched three scoreless innings giving up one hit and walking one while striking out two in the Yankees 3-0 win over the Braves.  His performance was the best by the Yankees starters thus far this spring, and will put the pressure on Phil Hughes to pitch well in his next start.  It is in the best interest of the Yankees that both pitchers pitch are ready, as more than likely the one that is relegated to the bullpen will start some games eventually.  How often does a five man rotation make it though the year with no injuries?

Michael Pineda takes the mound for the Yankees today when they face the Braves again at 1:05 ET.

Morning Coffee & Links

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ManBan better than ever?

Here’s to a great day of baseball!