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Rivera plans to pitch again

“I am coming back, put it down. Write it down in big letters. I’m not going down like this. God willing and given the strength, I’m coming back.”

Those were the words of Mariano Rivera today to the media, answering the question I posed in my blog earlier today, as well as answering the prayers of Yankee Universe.

It is good news for sure, and something all Yankees fans were truly hoping for.  Although the time will most certainly come that Mo’ will no longer pitch, the time is not now, and the end will be on his own terms.

Thank God the greatest career in the history of closers will not end on a warning track in Kansas City.




Is this the end for Mariano Rivera?

Mariano Rivera after tearing his ACL

This isn’t how it is supposed to end.

A career that began as a starter in 1995 and transformed into that of the greatest closer in the history of baseball may have ended on a warning track in Kansas City during batting practice.

Mariano Rivera tore his right ACL while shagging flies during batting practice before last nights game against the  Royals, certainly ending his season , and possibly his career.  It can’t end like this, can it?

Although Rivera vowed not to make a decision on retirement, it was a forgone conclusion that this was his last season.  Yankees fans, myself included, vowed to relish every pitch, every walk from the bullpen with Enter Sandman blaring from the stadium loud speakers, every save.  We all knew we were witnessing the last games of a legend and future Hall-of-Famer, and wanted every moment etched into our memories for good.

But not like this memory.

His career should have ended like the 2009 season ended: with his arms in the air and a smile on his face  as the fielders behind him record the final out of the World Series.  A celebration of a championship, and a celebration of  a champion.

But it is not to be.  Not this year.

Rivera said he has no idea if he will pitch again, that he must first get through this injury.  My hope is that he does.

Because it can’t end like this.

Mariano Rivera injured shagging flies

Mariano Rivera injured his knee before the Yankees game against the Royals today while he was shagging flies during batting practice.  The initial diagnosis was a twisted knee however Mo was taken to a Kansas City hospital for a MRI.  Here is the video of the injury:

I will post an update as soon as one is available.

Yanks know how to win; News and Notes

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

For the second time in as many nights the Yankees, went to extra innings with Baltimore, finally beating them 6-4 in the 10th inning behind a Nick Swisher blast and a Mariano Rivera save.  The win completed a three game sweep of the Orioles, helping the Yankees put behind them their 0-3 start as they head back to New York for their home opener.

As a baseball fan I love extra innings, or as the old saying goes, “free baseball”.   As a Yankees fan, not so much.  I would prefer the games to be well in reach by the sixth inning to keep my heart from over-exerting itself and my TV from being yelled at.

The good part of the Yanks wining in extras again is they are showing they know how.  The bullpen was once again fantastic in holding the Orioles to the runs C.C. Sabathia had surrendered, and the hitters, this time Swisher, got a timely hit to allow Rivera to come in and do what he does best.  Although many people will say it is just the Orioles, the fact that New York can get this type of win two nights in a row says a lot about the team.  And although the Orioles are perennial cellar dwellers in the A.L. East, they are still a talented, well-managed team that would compete and win a lot more in any other division.

Michael Kay of the YES Network brought up a good point toward the end of last nights game.  With the way Boston, Tampa, Toronto and New York beat up on each other in the division, the team that separates itself from the pack will be the one that can win the games against Baltimore.   The Yanks did just that with their three game sweep.

Today is an off day for the Yankees as they prepare for their home opener and a three game set with Albert Pujols and the Angels.

Morning Coffee & Links

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Here’s to a great day of baseball!


It’s only one game, right?

The Associated Press 4-6-2012

Mo blows a save.  The Yankees lose a close one.  It’s only one game but I felt devastated.  This one felt like a playoff game, like it was win or go home.

But it was only one game.

Luckily the Yankees have 161 more on their way to October, and of course, they will lose again, but this one hurt for some reason.

But it was, only one game.

Both managers were managing like it was do or die as well.  Joe Girardi intentionally walks a .220 hitter to go after a slugger that proceeds to hit a grand slam.  Joe Maddon attempts a couple suicide squeeze plays, one where the batter Jose Molina missed the sign and was swinging away and could have killed Sean Rodriguez as he barreled towards home.

Tampa took a 4-0 lead off  of Carlos Pena’s grand slam, the Yankees fought back behind newly acquired Raul Ibanez to go up 6-4 and through it all was a parade of bullpen pitchers, clutch hitting on both sides and incredible plays by a few.  But after eight innings the game was exactly where all Yankees fans would want it: a one run lead and Mariano Rivera jogging in from the bullpen.

And then Desmond Jennings guided a single through the middle.  Ben Zobrist followed with a triple that brought Jennings home to tie the game and left the winning run perched on third with no outs.  The Yankees added an infielder and played with two outfielders knowing anything hit over the infielders heads would win it.  Mo got a strikeout, and then came Pena again.  And he slapped a ball between the two outfielders.  End of game.


But it was only one game.

There were some positives taken from this game:

Although C.C Sabathia was not at his sharpest he did what an ace should do.  He battled through six innings and handed the ball over to the three men that will always be trusted to shorten the game.  Rafael Soriano and David Robertson did their jobs.  On this night Mo did not.

Raul Ibanez showed the Yankees fans why he was signed by driving in the first run in the second inning, and launching a three run blast in the third.

The old men, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez played like young men,  with both Jeter and A-Rod pulling off some nifty plays in the filed and adding some hits at the plate.

Mark Teixeira was his usual gold-glove self at first, and narrowly missed a home run.

Brett Gardner went 2-4 and made some terrific throws.

Robbie Cano looked like Robbie Cano, corralling a great throw by Gardner and selling the tag to get a runner out at third, and going 2-5 at the plate.

The Yankees will play again tonight, and tomorrow, and in May, June, July, August and September.  And when it is all said and done they will be in the playoffs, and this one game, this heart-breaker that should have ended with Mariano Rivera’s 604th save will be just that – one game.

Appreciating Mariano Rivera; Morning Coffee & Links

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It is  not often that you hear “Enter Sandman” in the fourth inning of a Yankees game.  But no matter what time the song starts, and no matter what the implications of the game are, at this point in Mariano Rivera’s career it is special, and should be cherished.  There is much talk around Yankees Universe that this may be Mo’s last season, and if it is we must soak in every moment.  It looks like Yankees fans at Steinbrenner field get it, as they gave Rivera a standing ovation as he entered to his trademark song yesterday.  Rivera went on to retire the three batters he faced on 14 pitches, and earned the win for the Yankees as they went on to beat the Phillies 3-0.  I have said it before this year already:  do not take any appearance by Mo for granted – as this may be the last time we see the greatest closer of all time pitch.

Morning Coffee & Links

News notes and stories from around the Yankees Universe:

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Not much out of Derek Jeter this spring.

Eduardo Nunez still hurting.

Here’s to a great day of baseball!



Eric Chavez a Yankee again and Morning Coffee & Links

Eric Chavez has signed a one-year $900k contract, which we all expected after Joe Girardi’s slip of the tongue yesterday.  Chavez will once again fill the role of backup infielder, spot starter and a decent bat off the bench for New York.  Chavez appeared in 58 games last season for the Yankees, hitting .263 with two home runs and 26 RBI.  Despite the pedestrian numbers, I am a big fan of bringing Chavez back, and feel he can be a good contributor to this team.  The move will put some pressure on utility man Ramiro Pena as well as non-roster invitee Bill Hall, as there certainly wont be room for all three on the Yankee bench.


Morning Coffee & Links

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Here’s to a great day of baseball!